Through the lies of your dark, dark eyes

Category Exhibition

Curated along by the Thorstein Foundation and Manuel Cirauqui, Through the Lies of Your Dark Dark Eyes is an exhibition in the sweeter side of sinister. The bits of sentiment behind deception, the loving touch of cruelty, the silent ease that comes with the night mix into an atmosphere of delicacy and wickedness.

Through the Lies… exploits the velvet under a blackened heart and the beautiful glow in blood. It is bare feet on cold pavement, the romanticism in revenge, calm in endless despair.

The works presented are not but ashes of a loving self-destruction, the uncertain steps before a dark, distinct decision is made. The beauty of decadence lies under every choice.The ideal is the unrealized, utopia is written on our clothes and manners. Traces of a refusal, of a thousand ones — they become a way of life. Like a moment of secret splendor before anything is done – and then nothing is done. Through the Lies of Your Dark Dark Eyes is a prelude, the title of a song that is yet to be written.

Featuring: Ben Grieme, Michael Hermann, Susanna Vapnek, Cedric Sartore, France Fiction, Jessy Honrado, Esteban Rey.

Through the Lies of Your Dark Dark Eyes
August 8th – September 8th, 2007
Envoy, 131 Chrystie St., New York

New York Times review : [...] Works like Susanna Vapnek’s drawings of fires in Simi Valley, Calif.; John O’Hara’s collages arranged on the wall based on the toss of a horseshoe; Cedric Sartore’s druggy Cibachromes; the collective France Fiction’s Victorian-looking sculptural tableau; and Ben Grieme’s photographs of a Kentucky cemetery and an accident site outside a Mormon church in Brooklyn expand upon the sensibility of artists like Banks Violette, Sue de Beer and David Altmejd. Mr. Grieme’s fuzzy photograph of the band Sunn 0))) links him even more closely with Mr. Violette…